At FRANQ, we have no standard services. There is still a main thread in our services, which you can read more about here.

The services are designed for three focus areas, namely individuals, groups / teams, and culture, which can of course be combined in any specific solution.

Services aiming at individuals can be about leading both oneself and others. Whether it is coaching, selection or talent development, we identify opportunities and pitfalls based on data. As coaches, we do not shy away from offering concrete recommendations to leaders.
When the focus is on groups / teams, it is typically prompted by a desire to establish e.g. an effective management team. As the leader of the team, you can get inspiration and recommendations in individual coaching sessions, and we can also work with the entire team.
Culture is typically what we cannot see for ourselves. Managers may benefit from looking at the culture of an organization in connection with changes of the organization. Through systematic collection of data, we identify the central elements of the organization’s culture, and present concrete opportunities to influence the culture in a desired direction.